Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Biography of Steve Jobs!

For those who Steve Jobs is their idol and for those who want to look closely into his world, here is some good news, his biography will be published and will be on sale in November this year.

Biography of the leader and co-finder of Apple is written by Walter Ajzakson. It took three years, through which he achieved more than 40 interviews with Jobs and more then 100 interviews with his friends, family, opponents, colleagues and competitors. The book " Steve Jobs: The Biography " written on 448 pages is the first biography approved by a creator of devices such as iMac, iPod,iPad,iPhone and will be published without any censorship from his side. Jobs has not requested any control over the content, even the right to read it before publication. 

" I've done many things for with i am proud of, as the way i behaved when my girlfriend was pregnant when i was 23 years old."- Says Jobs for the 9to5Mac website. "But i do not have any dark secrets that may not come to light."

The book will be published on 21 November this year, and it will cost $20,40, no doubt that the book will be snapped up with the speed of light like his iPhone's and iPad's.

In meantime while we are waiting here is the motivational speech of Steve Jobs, which was held for the graduated students of Stanford in 2005. The speech is amazing maybe the best speech that you have ever heard.

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  1. not really my idol, but an interesting dude nonetheless